The Sanatorium

A Short film by Therese Jacobsen

Documentary, 21 minutes, Norway, 2014



A short documentary about the old abandoned sanatorium in Luster, Norway which has served as a sanatorium for tuberculosis, a psychiatric hospital and refugee asylum. Part of the KJØL-project, this short film is directed by Therese Jacobsen in collaboration with Jørgen Nordby. Together they are working on a longer documentary about the people living at the sanatorium.



Therese Jacobsen has worked with experimental short films in collaboration with fellow artist Erik Vang since 1993. Under the banner of their production company, Apecosmonauts, their films have been screened in Norway and around the world.

The short iNSIDEouT (2000) won the Terje Vigen Award and the Critics Award at the Norwegian Short Film Festival in 2000. Jacobsen’s PeelOFF (2002) received the Special Prize of the Jury at the same festival in 2002, while FearLESS (2003) received the Film Critics’ Award and the Jameson Short Film Award at the festival in 2003.