A film by Gabriel Mascaro

(In development), Brazil/Norway/Uruguay/France/Denmark


Director: Gabriel Mascaro
Original Script: Gabriel Mascaro & Rachel Daisy Ellis
Co-writers: Lucas Paraizo & Esdras Bezerra
Language : Portuguese
Prodution Design: Thales Junqueira
Cinematography: Diego Garcia
Sound Design: Fabian Oliver


OVERGOD follows the journey of a devout Christian woman who has a very personal mission to save couples from divorce.

CO-PRODUCTION: House on Fire (FRA), Malbico (URU), Snowglobe (DEN), Mer Film (NOR)
PRODUCER: Rachel Ellis
CO-PRODUCERS: Maria Ekerhovd, Sandino Saravia, Katrin Pors, Vincent Wang



The critically acclaimed director Gabriel Mascaro has received founds from Sørfond for his third feature film OVERGOD. The production is set to begin fall 2017 in Brazil.