A Short film by Marius Myrmel

Drama/Coming-of-age, (In development), Norway



RUSTNING is about the 15 year old boy Jonathan who is getting ready for a party. For everybody else he is the confident and popular kid, but that is not how he feels on the inside. He is afraid he is not man enough and does everything he can to prove himself. When a "russebuss" full of girls crashes the party and Jonathan is dared to make out with them, he feels like he don't have a choice. What seems like a teenage boy's ultimate fantasy suddenly becomes a nightmare.



Marius Myrmel graduated Nordland Art and Film School in 2015. His short film FRYSNINGER won an Amanda Award and got Best Short Film at the Tromsø Film Festival in 2016. Yet again with RUSTNING Marius want to make a intimate story and create a close relationship with the characters.